Information and short biography about the photographer and artist Stephen Street
Exhibited locations include:

Heritage Gallery, Middlesbrough
Inspired by… Gallery, Danby
Seaton Hall, Staithes
Town Hall, Stokesley
TS1 Gallery, Middlesbrough

About this web site…

This is a simple site with simple ambitions.  It is a place in the webiverse where examples of my creative efforts hang out.  There are three types – photographs, paintings and sketches.

The photographs have been gleaned from my image library that has been built-up over decades.  Generally themed around wildlife, nature and the great outdoors.

The paintings are some of my recent efforts as I crash headlong into a new and exciting challenge of creating images with paint.  It’s a massive learning experience and hopefully you will see an improvement over time.

The sketches are pages from my growing collection of sketchbooks.  They can show just about anything, from barely more than doodles to carefully drafted studies.  I have always been fascinated and inspired when looking through other peoples’ sketchbooks.  If you are the same as me on this, then these entries are for you.

About me…

If you have read this far, then I thought that perhaps you may like to know a little bit about me.

My story is a surprisingly common one.  Since retiring from the daily grind I have been able to pick up on a lifetime interest in drawing and painting. From my early teenage years, photography became my artistic endeavour of choice, while drawing and painting was left standing outside in the cold. Now it is receiving some of the attention it always deserved but never received.

The natural world, particularly landscapes and wildlife, has been a constant source of inspiration for me.  Mostly centred on the moors and coast of the North York Moors National Park, within the boundaries of which is where I live.  However, regardless of the subject or medium, what has always been most important to me is the light.  It’s always been about the light.

I hope you like at least some of what you see.  If not – don’t worry, just move on.  There are billions of websites out there, I’m sure you will soon find something that engages you.

Thanks for dropping in.